• Visit and Communication

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    Witec Raman training

    14-Sep-2022 Witec expert Shawn Lee came from Singapore to perform comprehensive training sessions.

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    Professor Duan's visit

    Oct-2022 UCLA Professor Xiangfeng Duan's visit to our lab.

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    Professor Ye's visit

    Nov-2022 Purdue Professor Peter Ye's visit to our lab.

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    Professor Chang's visit

    Dec-2022 National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Professor Wen-hao Chang visit to our lab.

  • Group Activity

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    Yacht Party

    Aug-2023 Yacht Party.

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    Singing Party

    Nov-2022 Singing party.

  • Birthday Party

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    Doctor Yi Wan's birthday party

    Sep-2023 Doctor Yi Wan's birthday party.

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    Doctor Pengfei Yang's birthday party

    Sep-2023 Doctor Pengfei Yang's birthday party.

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    Yu-ming Chang's birthday party

    Oct-2023 Yu-ming Chang's birthday party.