• Materials Growth and Characterizations

    Furnace CVD for growing 2D layer semiconductors

    We have at least 4 systems for growing different materials

    PLD for high-k dielectrics

    We intend to develop high-quality and large-area ultra-high dielectric constant insulators

    Confocal Raman spectroscopy

    A high resolution Raman and PL mapping system, equipped with temperature control system

    High-Vacuum thermal deposition for metals

    Deposition of high-quality metals for high-performance devices

    MOCVD for 2D semiconductors

    Growth of wafer-scale 2D semiconductors


    Topographic measurement for nanostructures

    2D materials Transfer System 

    Transfer of 2D materials onto desired substrates

    LED lithography  

    Patterning devices with simple LED projection

  • Device Fabrication and Measurements

    Cryogenic probe station

    The system provides He close-cycle cooling environments for electrical measurements.

    Semiconductor parameter analyzer

    2-probe and 4-probe transistor and capacitor measurements

    LED direct-write lithographic system

    Simple lithographic system for writing <2um features

    2D materials Transfer Stage

    For making 2D materials hetero-stacks